The Dark Tower Movie Review

The Dark Tower Movie Review

Story: New York Kid Jake (Tom Taylor) is talented. He saw a vision revolving around the mysterious “Black Man” Walter (Mytyu Makkonahi) and his attack on the Tower of Darkness, using the power of the children’s power-filled thoughts. When Jake’s nightmares come into life, he encounters Roland (Idris Elba), Guntslingerom, who is immune to Walter’s psychic abilities and has the ability to protect the tower that holds the universe together. These two countries must protect the world from Walter’s destructive plans. watch this full movie here putlocker

Overview. Based on the book “The Tower of Darkness” by Stephen King, a film about the eternal battle between good and evil. Those who are protected from destruction. Can life (Roland and Jake) win death (Walter) or final final death? Many metaphors.

Although the film is a fantasy, it works mainly because it is the father’s link between Jake and Roland. The presence of charisma Iris Alba and the voltage screen gives the gravitational script and completes the story otherwise unpredictable. Matthew McConaughey makes a bad sexual appearance. Unfortunately, its mysterious ambiguous character does not create an impression and eventually becomes a weak link. putlocker

About this story you do not need to read books to understand this, what works. On the other hand, although it sweep, he is too overwhelming. While acts like a matrix, and a battle with slow-lead mode keep you on the hook, the story does not work on a deeper level, as the motives remain unexplained (it is possible to continue later).

The Dark Tower keeps you engaged, but not in front of you by offering total escape.

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