The Hitman’s Bodyguard Movie Review

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Movie Review


Date: An updated officer to testify in court, to form a team with one of the best personal bodyguards at work to ensure that he makes the trial. Both must put their past behind them and work together to survive. positive attitude

Overview: When you have two joker stars who work together on the screen, you know often what to expect – fireworks, F-bombs, explosions and other F-bombs and bullets flying in all respects. “Personal Killer Guard” has all the ingredients needed to get a recipe that is very funny. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are well equipped for the characters they play in, in some ways, they play a difference between themselves. In fact, it seems that director Patrick Hyuz allowed them to improvise scenes together, especially when they shoot each other.

This certainly works pretty much, but there are times when the gags stretch too long. The same problem arises with a series of work, which after a passage becomes a bit cumbersome. In fact, the biggest problem in this film is not that it resorts to a lot of comedy that it does. Or it tries very hard to be sharp. But basically he does not know when to pull. He simply can not resist the temptation to leave. Violence in this region appears to be very different from comedy, especially the role played by Gary Oldman, who walks around, but is justified, and asks to be taken too seriously. This creates a tonal shift that does not work for the movie. Especially when you have Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson. positive attitude

Women also enjoy high productivity. In particular, Elda Young and Salma Hayek appear to be exploding. On the technical level there are some interesting sections, which are used to move from one scene to another, and they do everything smoothly. If the story is not more stringent – “Personal Guard” will become a clear film and much larger. But do not let that get in the way to check it out and enjoy it for what it is – an hour to forget after having fun in the theater. positive attitude

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