Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Movie Review

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Movie Review

History: Babu Bihari (Navazudin) and Banari Banks (Gatine) are both killers in Uttar Pradesh, who often receive a salary from a blow of the same game. At some point, they get their lines crossed and eventually fight with each other. positive attitude story 

Overview: Be careful, this applies to bands like Wasipore, where everyone is a happy trigger. Babu was killed from the age of 10, when he starved for the first time. A banker loves a papa who always dreams of becoming a professional killer. The villain dances Yasmin (Shrada) in Bollywood Remixes and brings him decades, Babu Girl, and Volva (Bida) orders him to kill her. Even bullets fly thick and fast. By the way, in the middle of the drama – Sumitra (Devia) and Dubie (Anil), politicians who are pleased to hire gun guns Gunners for their own openings.

Join the Games – this is the local police, who also have ax to grind. But lead is not the only thing that men in this movie bite. They also have an appetite for sexual desire and smell of women. positive attitude story 

The Pope ‘s life lights up whenever he and Fulodia and Bunky go with Jasmine. However, when Yankee meets Wolfe, he also attracts her.
If you enjoy cinema noir, it does bring surprises. Of course, the script could be stricter. After Kushan Nandy gives you a movie that looks at coercion. Ghaleb Asad Bhopali was added to Gona’s dictionary and gravel line to production. positive attitude story 

Nawaz’s self-deferential statements and the smooth transition from killer to beloved are applause. Gatine Goswami impressions. Its tiny frame and sexy sound give the screen a call. Bideta is an interesting find for Bollywood. It not only does not fill up and is not seductive by the raw density, it wins cakes for some emotional scenes. She is shivering for, as a girl with curly hair rises to a storm when the grooves in Hi-Hai Mira Ghont. Devia as a local bihangi, who eats fragrant pots and shoots, is effective.

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