The Zookeeper’s Wife Movie Review

The Zookeeper’s Wife Movie Review


Story: The film is an impressive real story about the knowledge forth survival that was revealed at the Warsaw Zoo during the German invasion of Poland in World War II. According to Diane Ackerman’s book, the military drama salutes the Polish wife Jean and Antonina Zabinski, the former guardian of Warsaw and his wife. The brave couple saved hundreds of Jews by hiding them in the cellar of the zoo, which collapsed under the noses of the Nazis who bombed this place and killed the animals and turned some valuable species into Germany. Unlike all the differences, the Warsaw zoo was rebuilt and opened to this day. positive attitude

Review: Nikki Karo encourages, amazing and wonderful reflection of the film, welcoming the invincible spirit of Zabinski, who solves compassion, kindness and uncompromising courage in the face of fear. You will have to visit the famous zoo, which is today a museum. There is strong and strong intestines without an ounce of melodrama, cutting the film into your hearts and strengthening your faith in the kindness and love of another living creature – human or animal. knowledge forth

This is the story of the director’s amazing stories and his ability to emphasize the diverse human tendencies that allow her film to pass between the harsh human drama and the horrifying turmoil of the war. Every attempt by the couple who put their lives on the line, positive attitude indulging partisan tactics against the Germans, sends trembling down the back.

Her emotional and therapeutic tears burn her cheeks when Antonina (played by Jessica Shastin) shows her why she loves animals. “You look into their eyes and you know exactly what is in their hearts,” she says. It is worth mentioning the image stabilization and comfort level of Parten. Especially the scene where the piano plays, to warn Jews hiding in her hanging house. Daniel Bruhl performed intensively the role of German zoology with suspicious intentions, providing graphs to the dramatic period. It is pro-active to be a supportive supporter. positive attitude

Zucker’s wife is an incredible story of life that reminds us of what makes us human – our ability to hope and transcend darkness and hatred.

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