Against The Sun Movie Review

Against The Sun Movie Review

Three pilots from the US Navy – Harold Dickson (Delahant), Dzheyn, Oldichich (Abel) and Tony Bastola (Felton) – devastated destroyer Torpedo destroyed in the vast Pacific Ocean after leaving the flow of fuel cycle on the way back to the aircraft carrier OS. Without food, water or even first aid, all they need to survive is life rafting and their desire to live. watch this full movie here putlocker 

Overview: While Andzhelina Dzholi reminds us to some extent open (in particular, the part when they are at sea), the sun comes quickly to her, and speak clearly about these brave pilots who faced all the worst fears of the crew (except shooting them, of course) In the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. positive attitude

Harold, Jane and Tony are curious, but these conditions make them know each other. Harold Javed is looking for a box to use his navigational skills to steer them to t positive attitudehe ground. They learn to improvise through various materials, auxiliary aids and temporary paddles. They store shark meat in the socks and use the spring magazine M1911 to make the fish hook. We see that they stick to the raw shark, drink fake cups of coffee and pray passionately. “Dear God, I will go with what others have said, but mostly we need to rain, dear sir,” says Tony.

There are bits that seem to stretch. But when you think they have lost about 1000 miles over the open ocean, try to figure out what to do for the food, while the food is not by itself, these sections give you a small ink Tidium, which pilots faced themselves. positive attitude

It is very difficult to maintain the film, which consists of only three men, floods, open oceans (except for a brief introduction to their plane), and they share it, but, in his view, the vulva renders them, and provides three higher performance, . “Definitely an inspirational story.

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